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Enjoy more of its beauty!

This is the New Market in Masaya

This is a small church in a resort called Selva Negra/Matagalpa

This is Selva Negra as well

We went to a sight seeing place near Granada called El Mirador de Catarina

On our way back to our city we we went through the road to Jinotega. Its as green as it could get since its raining season and there are a lot of cafetales around. By the way the coffee there is awesome!

This is a well were people get water out of it, in this case its to hydrate the animals in the farm.

This is a river near el Cua. The water was freezing but no one seemed to care! Its north of Nicaragua.

We went to a restaurant in Esteli whose owner made statues of a stone that people get from volcanoes. He has them for sale in the Restaurant but he can custom make anything you want as well!
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