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Hola Nicas! :D

Hey there.! I'm Karla Usagi. :)

I'm 26, and live in California United States.

My mother is from Nicaragua, and My father is from Puerto Rico. :D

I went to Nicaragua last year for my abuelita's funeral. She died in our house in Cali, so we had to ship her back to Nicaragua.

I'll be honest, I was afraid to be in Nicaragua, i was afraid of getting attacked by giant bugs, or eaten by snakes, or crapping in holes.

I was afraid to let go of luxaries we Americans take for granted.

My god, I did have to live without somethings.

But it was worth it. I met all my familia out there, and I have never been so happy. :)

I'm gonna share some pictures with you sweeties. :D

My cousins. I'm the one in the bakc making stupid face.

The girls to the righ tof me live in Nicaragua, the other two live in the US.

And here's my cousin Samuel

He said apperently its ok to kiss your cousins there......ew.

There was a kid explosion in the room I was staying in.

I was like "WHAO THE WALLS AND CEILING DOn'T touche?" wow!!!
I like how everyon eis very open and kind there. and the beaches were lovely.
We were in an area called San Rafael Del Sur.

Oh, anyone know what the Zorracoka is??

The legendary bird of dead??

OH and VIBURON is awesome!!!


oh yeah.

I miss Nicaragua. I might go again in 2008 to see my family. :) I miss them so much.

And for more pictures, its mostly just my family, but hey, We Nicas, we shoudl get a long right? :D

I hope this community grows and is active! I love meeting other Nicaraguans. :) esp in California!


Thanks sweetieS!!!

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